Twala-Tenebo Cultural Manyatta

Twala-Tenebo Cultural Manyatta

Communities & Conservation— Women's Enterprise


Twala-Tenebo is located in the semi-arid Laikipia plateau, near Mount Kenya in northern Kenya. There, a cooperative of over 200 women from six different Maasai groups coexist with the diverse wildlife and sustain themselves through aloe farming, beadwork, beekeeping and ecotourism—offering authentic Maasai cultural experiences and affordable eco-manyatta accomodations. The cooperative also contributes to a school for girls, helping to nurture the next generation of women leaders. ACC and Uaso Ngiro Baboon Project have supported the Twala-Tenebo Cultural Manyatta since 2003 (*check this*)., providing resources for the Twala women's conservation-related enterprises which in turn allow them to support their families, gain new skills and connections, contribute to sustainable development, and become respected leaders in their communities.

”Women’s empowerment is no charity. It is a human right and it is the best way to achieve equitable, peaceful and prosperous world."


Aloe Farming


"Three hundred women in El Poloi have switched from the age-old occupation of goat-keeping to the new and far more lucrative activity of farming aloe, a plant with healing properties. Along the way, they are transforming their economic status and creating educational opportunities for their daughters. Drought-prone El Poloi lies to the northwest of snow-capped Mount Kenya in the Great Rift Valley. According to the Kenya Meteorological Department, the area receives less than 400 mm (16 inches) of rainfall annually. Knowing maize and vegetables would not produce good harvests in this climate, the women decided six years ago to cultivate Aloe secundiflora, a plant common to semi-arid parts of Kenya."



Twala women make beautiful beaded bracelets to enhance their income and support girls in completing their education. The bracelets are sold in Kenya and the US with 10% of the proceeds invested towards the Girls’ Boarding Block at Il Polei Secondary School. The Il Polei School helps young women complete their education, avoid early marriage, and even allows students to return to school after they are pregnant. These young mothers have become the stars of their classes earning A’s and A+ on their exams!


Contact Manager, Rosemary Nenini: +254 72950049


The Manyatta was initiated by local Maasai women to provide a unique and authentic experience for visitors while fostering respect and understanding of the local environment and culture. The Twala women offer guests traditional Maasai accommodations, conference facilities, and Maasai cultural experiences, including songs and dances, as well as indigenous plant and baboon walks.

Visit for a day or stay in a traditional Maasai hut. Individuals or groups of up to 20 can be accommodated. Huts are self-catering. Food can be provided with advance notification. Teas and coffees also available. Traditional goat roast can be arranged. Water, bedding, lamps and firewood are provided. Please note, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, reservations are very limited at this time.

Indigenous Plants
Traditional Song & Dance